1 Nov 2018

Procurement Management

International procurement organisations (or IPOs) may be an element of the global sourcing strategy for a firm. These procurement organisations take primary responsibility for identifying and developing key suppliers across sourcing categories and help satisfy periodic sourcing requirements of the parent organisation. Such setups help provide focus in country-based sourcing efforts. Particularly in the case of large and complex countries, such as China, where a range of sub-markets exist and suppliers span the entire value chain of a product/commodity, such IPOs provide essential on-the-ground information.

Dr. Samitha R. Natarajan (43) is a renowned name in the field of entrepreneurial and managerial leadership. She has more than 20 years of work experience in the specialised areas related to skilling of young boys and girls from India in general and from North Eastern States in particular. She has the credit of authoring more than 35 books related to women’s development, skilling, research and related methodologies besides new and emerging areas of social work. She has been felicitated by many reputed organisations for her ideas and work related to IT based new and appropriate solutions for the schools, colleges and universities contemplating to optimising their existing budgets for greening their ivory towers and for generating employment among women.

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