1 Nov 2018

Purchasing Management

Purchasing refers to a business or organisation attempting for acquiring goods or services to accomplish the goals of the enterprise. Though, there are several organisations that attempt to set standards in the purchasing process, processes can vary greatly between organisations. Typically, the word “purchasing” is not used interchangeably with the word “procurement”, since procurement typically includes Expediting, Supplier Quality, and Traffic and Logistics in addition to Purchasing.

Dr. Tanuja Trivedi (38) is a renowned author, activist as well as ecofeminist dedicated for the cause of national as well as international development in general and gender development in particular. In the capacity of the Head and Director of the Women’s Agency for Generating Employment (WAGE), she has been developing a master plan and a paradigm for ensuring proper training of women in the new and emerging areas of rural and urban entrepreneurship besides developing a neological and a neocratic approach to empowering the girl child, developing strategies for the young women and ensuring all the geriatric needs of the elderly women specially living below the poverty line. She has been chosen by many international organisations for getting felicitated based on her outstanding contribution.
Author : Dr. Tanuja Trivedi
ISBN : 978-81-7139-938-3
Price : Rs 600
Edn. : 2018

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