1 Jan 2019

Biotechnology Engineering

Biotechnology engineering is the study, research and development of bio-organism, micro-organism and cell functions in living beings. The course combines engineering with other subjects like chemistry, genetics, bio-chemistry and microbiology. Biotechnology covers different fields of work like agriculture, disease research, ecoconservation, fertilizers, vaccines, energy production, and animal husbandry. The programme focuses on areas like Enzymology, GM products, and drug designing among others. The integrated undergraduate and postgraduate programme in biotechnology engineering is offered in many technical institutes across the world. The biotech engineering sector is expected to register phenomenal growth in the next five years. Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) in bio-pharma engineering will witness significant business orders from US because of a shortage of manpower and the spiralling cost of personnel per hour. This chapter has been based on the information provided through Biozeen, a Bangalore based research, training, and consultancy organization.

Amit Kumar Jha is a technocrat having Master’s Degree in the area of biotechnology from Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar. He has successfully been an educator, an environmental scientist and CEO of a renowned environmental consultancy organisation headquartered at New Delhi. He has many research publications brought out in many national and international journals. He has participated in different
seminars and conferences where he has received many awards and appreciations. He has also been contemplating to initiate a new vision towards promoting consultancy capabilities in pollution control.

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