1 Jan 2019

Green Technological Applications

Green technology uses non-polluting practices to produce things and materials which are nontoxic. The innovative practices used in this technology can bring positive changes in our daily life. The practice involves fulfilling the needs of the society without causing depletion of the available natural resources and preserving it for future use. So, green technology gives importance to sustain at the same time allowing the fulfillment of current needs. This will ensure less pollution to the environment and better living conditions for humans in the future. The important areas where green technology can
be used include energy production, green chemistry, construction of environmentally friendly buildings, sewage treatment etc. the use of green technology in these areas can reduce the stress on the natural resources, economy, and environment.

Kumar Chandan has spent more than nine years in the United Kingdom while studying at the Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering; Bachelor of Business Studies; and Master of Business Administration from the leading universities in England as well as in Wales. He is presently the Officer on Special Duty (OSD) at the AfroAsianAmerican Chamber of Commerce, Occupational Research and Development (ACCORD) and its constituent unit : National Institute of Cleanliness Education and Research (NICER). He has also been trying to develop a neological and neocratic approach to Governance with a view to helping the State and the Central Governments for ensuring proper changes in the developmental systems including such practices in the Ministries and Departments of Health, Education.

Kumar Chandan
ISBN: 978-81-7139-924-6
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