3 Jan 2019

Applied Communication

The concept of language families is based on the assumption that over time languages gradually diverge into dialects and then into new languages. However, linguistic ancestry is less clear-cut than biological ancestry, because there are extreme cases of languages mixing due to language contact in conquest or trade, whereas biological species normally don’t interbreed. In the formation of creole languages and other types of mixed languages, there may be no one ancestor of a given language. In addition, a number of sign languages have developed in isolation and may have no relatives at all. However, these cases are relatively rare and most languages can be unambiguously classified.

Prof. Pushpendra P. Singh has been teaching journalism and mass communication for the last 15 years at Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism, Bhopal. Prof. Singh has the credit of leading the team of young and bright students of journalism and mass communication for taking them to different newspaper establishments all over the country for ensuring practical training to the students in the
areas of news editing, news agency journalism, news reporting, page making, newspaper management, film and radio / TV production, electronic media etc

Prof. Pushpendra P. Singh
ISBN : 978-81-7139-901-7
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Edn. : 2018

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