3 Jan 2019

Bargaining, Negotiation AND CONCILIATION

The Book titled “Bargaining, Negotiation and Conciliation” is the only authentic Book where all aspects and facets of bargaining, mediation, dispute resolution, negotiation, conciliation, discounts, allowances, coupon, rebate marketing, group buying, economic surplus and shortage, social choice theory, compensation principles, costbenefit analysis, opportunity cost, welfare economics, arbitration, group emotion etc.have been discussed with a view to enabling everybody in understanding the art and science of bargaining, negotiation and conciliation. The Central and the State Governments should ensure that this Book is placed in all the public libraries so that the consumers may be made more educated about the topics explained in this unique publication brought out to suggest changes in the mind sets of policymakers for implementing ideas having social, cultural and economic contents for the optimum growth of persons living on the poverty line.

Er. L K Thakur is pioneer in giving a techno-legal approach to the juridical systems in India. He is also the Chairperson of Vishw Nyay Mission duly registered under the Indian Trusts Act. Er. L K Thakur is practicing at the Supreme Court of India and is also engaged in promoting human rights and duties education specially among the persons living below the poverty line. Er. L K Thakur has authored many books as well as occasional monographs besides case studies on different aspects of laws.

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