3 Jan 2019

Beyond Education

Beyond Education deals with topics a relating to new ideas and dimensions regarding offering educational programmes under the new age specially in the fast changing environment where accomplished individuals need to learn more and more on a continuing basis to be equipped with latest knowledge of the new and emerging technologies through virtual education. Now the time has come when the institutions including the Schools, Colleges and Universities will be having no boundaries. All such
aspects have been detailed in this book.

Dr. Tanuja Trivedi, Ph.D. has been associated with national and international organisations related to human rights and duties education, peace studies, ecology and environment, sustainable development and intellectual property rights. While associated with Jamia Millia Islamia Central University as a Research Scholar for the award of Ph.D., she had widely contributed on researches for new dimensions of
interface among human rights, environment and slum dwellers. She has successfully authored many books and monographs on development oriented weltanschauung.

Presently she is the Head of the WIBP Observer Group at The Global Open University, Nagaland, established by the Government of Nagaland under the provisions of The Global Open University Nagaland Act 2006.

She has visited many countries including France, Germany, The Netherlands, UK and Belgium in connection with signing of MoUs for strengthening the cause of tertiary education.

Dr. Tanuja Trivedi
ISBN : 978-81-7139-880-5
Price :Rs900
Edn. : 2018

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