3 Jan 2019

Esoteric Mysticism: Eastern & Western

This work entitled “Esoteric Mysticism: Eastern and Western” is the original and authentic treatise on a complex subject dealing with Sankhya, Tantra and Theosophical theologies in a comprehensive framework. The central focus of this book is on the concept of “self-knowledge”. It is said that all knowledge is superficial, only “self-knowledge” is what matters most. There is no doubt that human mind has evolved to a very great extent. But it is necessary that he should suffer endlessly by living a
superficial life, then realise that it has no meaning or that it is better to think, contemplate, meditating in the real sense to understand by himself the meaning of life, the purpose of life, the Divine plan and thus avoid the suffering and be able to work with nature consciously. The West never really succeeded in spiritualising itself and literally it has been habituated almost exclusively to an action in the external, governed by political and economic ideals and necessities in spite of the reawakening of the religious mind and the growth of widespread but not yet profound or luminous spiritual and physical curiosity and seeking.

Prof. Hrishikesh Misra is currently teaching English in Patna University. In addition, he is also supervising Ph.D. scholars and four scholars have already been awarded the Ph.D. degree under his supervision. Prof. Misra has published eight books and nineteen articles of repute in national and international journals. His book “Gaja Bhuka Kapitha: A Concept of Divine” has widely been acclaimed. He is an erudite scholar of religious philosophy and comparative study

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