3 Jan 2019

First Impressions of a Seychellois Diplomat Posted in India

Many Diplomats have a hidden talent. They cannot regenerate legs, claws and antennae like lobsters but they are great cooks, skilled golfers, art critics, marathon runners or painters. Some, like Ambassador Philippe Le Gall enjoys writing as a hobby. Actually there is a long international tradition of diplomat-writers, even if nowadays the importance of economic diplomacy tends to encourage chancelleries to appoint as heads of Mission more trade, commerce and investment specialists conversant with multilateral negotiations and better at handling the calculator than the pen. This book is a compilation of texts dealing with a large range of subjects. As the author likes to say “old school Ambassadors are die-hard Renaissance men” with a deep curiosity for the country where they are posted. Such appetite never vanishes, especially in countries such as Seychelles and India where nearly 250 years of interactions and influences have built up a fusional relation of friendship and partnership.

Ambassador Philippe Le Gall was born in August 1954 in France. He decided to settle in Seychelles in 1991 and has been working since then for the Seychellois Government in the fields of Culture and Foreign Affairs. Appointed Ambassador in 2006, he has served on a resident basis in China, Sri Lanka and India. On a nonresident basis he was accredited or is still accredited to Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and the Philippines. A people to people Diplomat with special interest in history and anthropology, as well as in tourism, education and environment, he has published a number of novels and short stories. This is the first book he has written in English, a challenge he was willing to meet for several years, French being his mother tongue. Ambassador Le Gall is an Officer in the French Order of Arts and Literature.

Ambassador Philippe Le Gall
ISBN : 978-81-7139-973-4
Price : Rs1700
Edn. : 2018

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