3 Jan 2019

Human Rights and Social Work

Although, many books are available on this topic, but this book is meant for those students and research scholars who wants to know deeps into this subject. The social work profession could better attain its goals by encouraging the study of human rights A foundation in human rights would provide a clearer framework with which to link the profession to economic, political, and social aims. Human rights are specific privileges and can more readily be applied to a social work situation than the often confusing notion of social or economic justice, both of which tend to bog down in needs-based  theories.

Dr. Tanuja Trivedi, Ph.D. has been associated with national and international organisations related to human rights and duties education, peace studies, ecology and environment, sustainable development, women’s studies and intellectual property rights. While associated with Jamia Millia Islamia Central University as a Research Scholar for the award of Ph.D., she had widely contributed on researches for new dimensions of interface among human rights, environment and slum dwellers. She has successfully authored many books and monographs on development oriented weltanschauung, women and child development, tribal issues and social work. Presently she is the Director at the Centre for Integrated Learning (CIL) dealing with studies, training, research and consultancy in vocational as well as employment centric education. She has successfully organised many national and international seminars and conferences besides presenting papers on human rights and duties education, women’s empowerment, ecology and environment.

Dr. Tanuja Trivedi
ISBN : 978-81-7139-497-5
Price : Rs 995
Edn. : 2018

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