3 Jan 2019

Population Pressure, Advocacy and Poverty

The population continued to grow by fits and starts as a man increasingly modified his environment. By 1000 AD, western Europe had already begun to exploit energy sources not used before. Besides grinding grain, water power was adapted to other industries, such as sawing wood, and eventually even to forcing the bellows that fed blast furnaces. By the 1100s, wind power was a slave, too. Inexpensive energy freedman for creative endeavors, eased sustenance, and allowed Europe’s villages to increase
populations as well as industries.

Er. L K Thakur is pioneer in giving a techno-legal approach to the juridical systems in India. He is also the Chairperson of Vishw Nyay Mission duly registered under the Indian Trusts Act. Er. L K Thakur is practicing at the Supreme Court of India and is also engaged in promoting human rights and duties education specially among the persons living below the poverty line. Er. L K Thakur has authored many books as well as occasional monographs besides case studies on different aspects of laws. Er. L K Thakur has participated in more than 100 international conferences and summits during 35 years of his career related to entrepreneurship, consultancy, teaching, research and legal practice. Er. L K Thakur operates from his outfit at Vrindavan where he is constantly busy in legal as well as spiritual work.

Er. L.K. Thakur
ISBN : 978-81-7139-885-0
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