3 Jan 2019

Social Change in Modern India

The book entitled “Social Change in Modern India” is a comprehensive and critical analysis of the process of social transformation in India. The study of modernisation in India has been done from various perspectives like the socio-economic, cultural and economic ones. The seventh chapter makes a thorough investigation of the process of modernization in India. Democracy has been an important political method for bringing out social change in India. The study of the role of democracy in the context of social change forms. In the process of modernisation, modern Indian family system has encountered enormous challenges.

Dr. Suresh Chandra is an eminent sociologist and active social worker committed to the cause of social development in India and abroad. He has been awarded Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology by Dr. R.M.L. University, Faizabad on his research work entitled “Child Labour in Informal Sector: A Sociological Study” during the year 1999. He has also obtained Diploma in Asia and Europe from the Institute of Politics and Economic, Paris during the year 2000. As a part of the study, Dr. Suresh Chandra also
visited Brussels, the Netherlands and United Kingdom besides Paris. Currently, Dr. Suresh Chandra is an Assistant Director at the Indian Council of Social Science Research (Ministry of Human Resource Development), Government of India.

Dr. Suresh Chandra
ISBN : 978-81-7139-439-5
Price : Rs 850
Edn. : 2018

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