3 Jan 2019

Urban and Rural Settlements

In many urban locations the general environment is so badly polluted that altogether the health of hundreds of millions of people is adversely affected. Many countries experience high levels of pollution in urban areas from industrial activities, energy production and use, and transport systems, most of which where developed with little or no regard for environmental protection. While there have been notable improvements in most developed countries this has not generally happened in developing countries where the deterioration of environmental conditions in urban fringe areas continues.

Dr. Aaradhana Salpekar is the Professor and Head of Sikkim Manipal University New Delhi Centre offering Master of Science Degree in Ecology and Environment, Disaster Mitigation, Sustainable Development, Eco-Tourism, Geo-Informatics and Total Quality Management. She has organised many Congresses and Conventions like EcoRevival Summit 1998, Peace, Mercy and Tolerance Summit 2001 and World Disaster
Education Congress 2003.

Dr. Aaradhana Salpekar
ISBN : 978-81-7139-884-3
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